Actor, Model, Dancer, & Athlete
Los Angeles, CA

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Beverly Rose is a child actor, model, dancer,
and athlete based out
of Los Angeles, CA
and is managed by
Kreativ Artists.
She is currently seeking representation by a
reputable talent agency in LA.

She is best known for
her role as Candle
on the 2nd season of the show "You" on Netflix (Episodes, 2, 3, & 10)

Beverly also appeared on
Season 1, Episode 1 of
"Why Women Kill"
on CBS All Access!

Beverly appeared on
Cardi B's new show on
Facebook & Instagram Messenger
"Cardi Tries".
She is in the
Cardi Tries Nursery School episode with 9 other
cute kiddos!

Watch Beverly on
episode #103 of
America's Most Wanted on Fox!

Beverly Rose was born in Orange County, CA
and moved to the Los Angeles area known as the Southbay at age 1 1/2.
She loves living just outside of the densely populated areas
of LA County, near the more relaxed beach cities
that line the coast of the South Bay.

She began working in entertainment one month after
moving to the Southbay, and her first role was for the pilot of
"Splitting Up Together". It was just a background role in a
flashback scene but she wasn't exactly happy about
being held by a stranger (Oliver Hudson).
She screamed and screamed through the entire scene,
and needless to say,
she didn't make it into the final cut of the pilot.

After a six-month break from the industry,
Beverly Rose made her way back into the biz with an HBO commercial.
She was much more comfortable around people by then
and had an amazing time on set. However, we were never able
to locate the commercial on TV or anywhere and never got footage of it!

Beverly Rose's first actual appearance on TV was when she
did background for "Grey's Anatomy"!
It aired in February of 2019 and she was so excited to see herself,
even if it was only for a few seconds!

The following month was when Beverly Rose got the call
to play "Candle" on Netflix's highly-popular show "You".
The first day on set was her favorite because it involved playing
at a playground with other kids on set!

The second day on set for the show "You" was filmed at a
mansion in Malibu, CA (June 2019) and
Beverly Rose
again played Candle, this time in a wedding scene.
It was a beautiful set for the tenth episode of Season 2
and the wardrobe department did such a great job with her outfit.

In between the two shoot days of "You", Beverly Rose
filmed a scene for season 1, episode 1 of the CBS All Access show,
"Why Women Kill", and also filmed a co-star role for the
Investigation Discovery show "Twisted Sisters".
The episode of "Why Women Kill" aired in August of 2019
(Beverly Rose's first TV close-up!), followed by
season 2, episode 6 of "Twisted Sisters" in September.

The release of Season 2 of "You" in December 2019 was
extremely exciting and we binged the entire season in 2 days!
Beverly Rose appears in episodes 2, 3, and 10.
By the way, is anyone noticing a theme among
the majority of Beverly's acting jobs?
They all involve MURDER!!!
What's up with that?! LOL!!!

Of course, we all know what happened next
in the beginning months of 2020.....

Most of the year was spent in quarantine and the
entertainment industry was hit hard.
Thankfully, it began to bounce back in August and September 2020,
and Beverly Rose was able to participate in an episode of
"Ryan's Mystery Playdate" and a super cute
"Social Distance Santa" commercial.
She also began Transitional Kindergarten via distance learning
and absolutely loves her teacher and all of her classmates.

In October 2020, not only did Beverly Rose turn 5 years old, she also
got to shoot a scene in a student film with her beautiful friend, Sofia!
Beverly Rose and Sofia had worked together on a short film in
May 2019 and they were both selected as toy testers in October 2019 for
the hit CBS morning show "Mission Unstoppable" with Miranda Cosgrove.
They were so excited to, once again, be on set together!!!

A few days later, she filmed a scene for a feature film called
"Youthquake" that involved working in front of a CGI green screen!
Beverly Rose was also included in a music video
for the song "Hush" by Sabrina Carmen. It's a song about
the different ways we have all coped with the turbulent emotions
brought on by the pandemic.

The year of 2020 was topped off with two more
amazing experiences on set when Beverly Rose filmed an episode for
the happiest of YouTube channels, Smile Squad...and then met
Cardi B during the shoot for her new show "Cardi Tries"!!!

We are definitely looking forward to seeing
Beverly Rose on screen again...and we have great
hopes for the entire year of 2021 and beyond!

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